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3rd-Jan-2013 12:05 pm(no subject)
I suppose this is just a post to say that I haven't got much to say, because I haven't been doing much.

Working with the dog. She's less anxious, more energetic, and still prone to crying woefully if I go somewhere without her for more than two minutes. (Mind, she'll happily play in the back yard by herself for twenty minutes, given a bone or some neighboring dogs to bark at. But that's when she knows she can come back inside and find me here at any time.) At least I'm getting sleep again.

Trying to introduce the cats to the dog. They continue to be displeased, but are resigned enough to her presence to try skulking past periodically. She still wants to run over and Play With The Little Nervous Dogs, so...that's taking some management.

Playing some video games, mostly Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny. Having played halfway through before--I needed to restart because of the stolen consoles and all--it's soothingly unchallenging. I beat up some monsters, I pet some monsters, I talk to townsfolk, I do a little fishing and crafting. It's cute and doesn't demand much of me.

Not reading much. I really need to start on The Roman Triumph before the library wants it back.

Not translating anything. Sigh. I've not even finished reading the first chapter of this German textbook--I do not like that it wants me to play with sentences when it hasn't given me direct translations for the words I'm playing with yet--and I haven't touched Caesar in over a week and for Greek, well. I really need to work on Greek. But it's so damn hard! (Which is why I need to work on it.) I should get to that soon.

Filled out some paperwork. Got a tiny bit of writing done. I guess I'm mostly recovering from other stuff. It's not a bad vacation, but I feel bad about doing so little.

Maybe next week.

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